MEMS 超微型 1×2, 2×2光开关

The world's smallest 4.5mm package width

The MEMS Series Ultra-Mini Fiber Optical Switch unifies different switch configurations of 1×1, Dual 1×1, Quad 1×1, 1×2, Full2x2, Dual 1×2, and Dual Full2x2 for both Single mode and Multimode onto the same package, providing the same PCB-direct-mountable footprint.

The switches are produced based on Agiltron Patents US 8,203,775. It connects optical channels by redirecting incoming optical signals into selected output fibers. This is achieved using a proprietary thermal activated micro-mirror, moving-in and -out optical paths, uniquely featuring ultra small size, rugged. This advanced design offers unprecedented high stability and high reliability as well as low cost advantage.

Agiltron provides customized designs to meet specialized feature applications. Agiltron also offers modular assemblies that integrate other components to form a full function module or subsystem.

Call for > 15x。