MEMS OCTO全2×2光开关

3V and 5V Driving Voltage Optional

The MEMS Series Octo Full 2×2 Single mode Fiberoptic switch integrates 8  Full 2×2 switches in a single compact format. It is designed for 40G transceiver bypass application. The device connects optical channels by redirecting incoming optical signals into selected output fibers. This is  achieved using a proprietary MEMS configuration and activated via an  electrical control signal. It uniquely features rugged thermal activated micro-mirror movement instead of rotation, and the novel design  significantly simplify the control electronics, offering unprecedented high  stability and an unmatched low cost.

We offer the straight and  reflective versions for the flexibility to connect fibers.  In  addition, we also offer the  built-in driver version, which  features a convenient user  interface.