In-line Optical Power Monitor (Straight Version)

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(All fiber types, 0.5 to 2.5mm)

Agiltron’s ILPM Series Fiber Optic Tap Power Monitors are used for in line power measurement and precision power controlling. It is based on a patent pending design that taps light without bending and grooving fiber, or using lens and optical coating. This novel power monitor provides industrial exceptional performance in ultra-low loss, low polarization and wavelength dependence, high directivity, variable tap ratios, as well as low cost and high reliability.  The continuous fiber device is particularly suited for adapting to various types of fiber and for high power handling. This power monitor has a miniature ceramic package houses offering a stable optical tap and PIN photodiode as well as GR1209 and GR1201 compliance qualification.

  • Low insertion loss
  • Ultra low return loss
  • Flat broadband response
  • Low PDL
  • High directivity
  • High reliability
  • ASE light sources
  • EDFA gain modules
  • Raman amplifiers
  • Optical channel monitoring
  • Optical fiber test instruments
Tap Power Monitor Min Typical Max  Unit
 Operation Wavelength 300 -2000          nm
 Responsivity[1] 5 20 60   mA/W
 Polarization Stability[2] 0.1 0.2 0.25 dB
 Insertion Loss 0.1 0.2 0.4 dB
 Polarization Dependent Loss[3] 0.01 dB
Extinction Ratio[4] 23 dB
Directivity[5] 25 28 40 dB
Return Loss 55 dB
Max Optical Power       500 mW
Dark Current@-5V, 23C 1 nA
3dB bandwidth@-5V bias 10 200 2000 MHz
Capacitance 10 pF
Max. Forward Current 10 mA
Max. Reverse Current 5 mA
Max. Reverse Voltage 10 V
Operating Temperature -5 75 oC
Storage Temperature -40 85 oC
Package Dimension 16x3x3.3 mm



  1. It is tap ratio depended.
  2. PDR, responsivity variation with polarization.
  3. PDL for polarization independent version.
  4. ER for polarization maintaining version.
  5. The responsivity ratio between forward and backward directed light.



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