High-Speed Optical Switches - NanoSpeed™

This switch family features ultra-fast response (<50ns rise/fall, up to 1MHz repetition), ultra-low loss (<1dB), a wide operating temperature range (-50°C to +90°C), and covering a broad wavelength from 500nm to 2000nm. The switches are also highly reliable without moving parts and organic materials in the light path. These switches and their electronic drivers are produced in volume, offering unmatched cost benefits. With industry-leading performance, they are widely used in mission-critical optical switching applications. Configurations are available in 1×1, 1×2, 1x4 and 2x2, in both polarization independent and polarization-maintaining versions. We further offer custom designs that can combine the best features across our entire switching family. The switches are produced based on two patented electro-optical technologies.

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NanoSpeed™ Switch Drivers

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