Ultra-high Reliability, Latching, Low Cost, Compact

Our MEMS switches are based on a highly reliable thermal actuation that eliminates the risk of electrostatic stiction or electric discharge shorting and has passed well over 109 cycles of switching tests.  Moreover, our MEMS switches use an advantageous 2D configuration in which each mirror moves between two positions: in or out of the light path, as shown in the enclosed Figure. Our unique digital mirror technology offers fault-safe latching function as well as eliminates the need for software position calibrations associated with conventional analog MEMS, that have long term drift issues. The switches feature very low latency,  intrinsic temperature insensitivity, latching to the positions against vibrations, direct driving, and low cost.  The versatile platform accommodates various fibers of SM, PM, and MM.  The passive switches support all data rates, ideally suited to manage optical networks intelligently and remotely with extremely low latency.